– Easy 10 Step Guide to a NEW Roof

  1. Homeowner suspects damage.
  2. Homeowner selects a quality Roofing Contractor.
  3. Roofing Contractor inspects the roof – You can claim your FREE roof inspection –> (Here)
  4. Roofing Contractor determines damage.
  5. Homeowner contacts their Insurance Claims Department and sets up an inspection to be done by the Claims Adjuster.
  6. Roofing Contractor and Claims Adjuster collaborate to assess the scope of work required to restore the damaged roof.
  7. Insurance Claim Adjuster will provide an itemized estimate for the scope of work deemed necessary for replacement.
  8. Contract for replacement of roof is negotiated and authorized by the Homeowner & Roofing Contractor. The Net Claim is paid to the Contractor.
  9. Work begins… Roof is replaced.
  10. Final payment is authorized by the Roofing Contractor. Depreciation is then released and collected by the Contractor concluding the roof restoration.
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